Plaster Casting !

Wow, who knew plaster casting would make my day. Waking up this morning, I was already in a bad mood because all these random dogs started barking on my street. So I was shouting out the window and told them be quiet, but they obviously did not listen. They were at each other for about thirty minutes. I was really excited to get some sleep on my day off, but that clearly did not happen.  They woke me up so early that the sun was barely out and I could not go back to sleep. A couple hours past by, and another horrible thing happened. Someone random person comes knocking on my door and was begging me to by one of there products. After repeatdly saying no, I told him if he did not leave I was going to call the cops. So he ran away like a little baby and left.

At twelve, my friend Albert came to my house and we drove to Hermosa Beach together (mind you that I live only seven minutes away). When we got there, the weather was so beautiful. Going to the beach always lighten ups my day. I am usually at the beach at least three times a week in the summer. Taking about ten minutes to walk the water, we finally reached our destination. The first thing we did was put our hands in the damp and mushy sand. After digging our hands in the sand and then pulling it out slowly, I thought to myself how is our hand print really going to stay like that. Then I noticed how rough and quick the plaster casting was working (picture below).

art #2

While we were waiting, Albert and I decided to play beach volleyball and just put our feet in the beautiful pacific ocean. After the thirty minutes were up, we took out our sculpted hand and I was so impressed. I honestly was not expecting it to come out like that. It was so cool how my fake nails was also engraved in the sculpture. We had so much fun with the hand that Albert and I started to high five each other with them. I honestly thought this project was not going to be that interesting, but I was completely wrong. This experience really brightened up my day and I am so happy that I got the opportunity to go to my favorite place in the world and work on this amazing sculpture.

art #2 110


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