Artist Interview #1- Nick Bamford




“Took me four years to paint like Donatello, and a lifetime to paint like a child”-Pablo Picasso

Nick Bamford, a man who one day decides to take his love for art and brings it to life. Today, I interviewed a young, wise, and intelligent man that has showed me that anything is possible.  When I was asking Bamford about his artwork, he seemed a little shy to talk about it. However, unlike like any other artist, Bamford decided to do something that no one has ever done and seen before. He decided to take his interest in pottery and turn it into a whole knew prospective.


The “hand” was the first piece of art he has ever done. When I first saw this hand, I automatically thought of the plaster casting project we did last week. While I was interviewing him, I asked why did he decide to make a sculpted hand. He easily reponded and said, it was just a familiar body part. It is so mind blowing to me to think a  artist as good as he is would randomly sculpt anything as easy as a hand. He started off taking pottery classes  in high school and he absolutely loved it. Bamford actually started his art work about a month ago. Each and everyone of his art took him only about one to two days to make. When he told me that, I actually stopped him and made sure I heard that right. Once you love something, you just can’t stop. The only tools he uses to create these sculptures are cement, stabilized clays, and plaster. He said these tools were really difficult to work with, but it was all worth it in the end. Bamford would work on his art work at CSULB right by the art gallery and he would actually work on it by himself. He retrieves most of his art pieces by dumpster diving.  After trying to guess what his favorite painting was, he told us that the guitar guy and the jumping figure was his favorite pieces he designed.


When I asked him about his inspirations, all he said was that he likes to challenge himself with knew material. Art in Bamford’s eye, has become a way to challenge himself. He likes the rage and dither of how art makes him feel. Furthermore, he wants to make his art his own vision and meanings. By doing all of that, he says it becomes like an addiction because when starts to make something he just can not stop. He feels like he is a little kid again when he starts to scuplt. He likes to see his work come to life and it gives him the opportunity to make him feel alive.  I enjoyed his art work because after observing his work carefully, I feel as if I know his interests. He has really inspired me to go out and just build something that I never thought of doing. If you want to look or know more about his art go on his Instagram page at Nickbam4D.

IMG_0580 IMG_0581


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