Wk 3- Activity-Instagram


This weeks activity was to post at least four pictures on Instagram of what we do in our daily lives. Using the hashtag #Art110f15, I got to not only see my pictures, but everyone else’s day to day pictures and experiences. I am not gonna lie, but I made a separate Instagram account for these four photos. I guess I take my Instagram way too seriously. My temporary Instagram name for this class is @skhoury15, but my real Instagram name is @serinakhoury, so go check it out and press the follow button.

Viewing this site, I noticed how a lot of people in our class usually do the same activities as each other. As you can see in this picture, at least two different people ate IN-N-OUT. Well who wouldn’t eat IN-N-OUT it is amazing. Also, the majority of the students took pictures of artists that they interviewed and the artists master pieces.


In this first photo, it shows my sister and I working on homework in the Nugget. My sister Bianca, is a third year at Cal State Long Beach and is studying Human Development like me. We are not only sisters, but we are also best friends. My sister and I honestly do everything together because of how close we are in age. Showing this picture resembles our hard work and determination. The second photo shows what I eat for dinner every night. This tasty restaurant is called Mashawi grill. Not only is the food great, but the workers and owners are so friendly. I eat here everyday because my family owns this restaurant. My two uncles who are brothers, and their sister (my mom) have a shared partnership. As you can, I am eating a delicious and healthy plate called, The Mashawi Salad. This salad is one of the top sellers at this restaurant. They have two restaurants located in Redondo Beach and in Torrance. Posting a picture of my food shows people what my normal meal would look like.


While randomly clicking on other peoples profiles, I noticed that not only me, but other people were also creating new accounts for this assignment. I am not the only one who takes Instagram to seriously. It is nice to see that some of my classmates have the same idea as me. After using hashtag #Art110f15, now I can always go back to see mine and my other classmates day to day life.


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