Wk 3- Student Interview- Albert Haddad


This is my cool friend Albert Haddad. He is a first year at Cal State Long Beach and is currently a Civil Engineering Major and hopes to work for LA Metro when he is older. After getting to know him a little more, I found out he is full Middle Eastern just like me. Our families grew up in the same city as each other. We actually met each other the first day of class and found out that we are both Syrian Orthodox. Wow, what a small world. It is weird because you rarely find people that have the same religion as you in the South Bay.

Alberts enjoys hanging out with friends and his girlfriend, going to the beach, and trying different kinds of food. His favorite foods are hamburgers, steak, sushi, breakfast and pretty much everything he sees. Since Albert lives in the valley, he resides at the Parkside dorms.

Albert believes that art is a way to express someones feelings. He feels like people who cannot talk about their feelings express it through art. Albert states that during Picasso’s period of depression, all his paintings her different shades of blue. Also, he mentions that Frida Khalo showed her reality to the world through her paintings. Albert’s view on art gives me a different perspective on how artists express themselves.



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