Artist Interview #2 -Jamie Strassenburg


This week I had the pleasure of interview a wonderful artist named Jamie Strassenburg. Walking into the Dr. Maxino Merlino Gallery, her artwork immediately caught my eye. The whole gallery was filled with bright and vibrant colors. Her 2D art is filled with breath taking stories that makes you look at gods and goddess in a different way.

Strassenburg’s paintings are made of digital photoshop which means she paints and does her artworks all on the computer. At the age of thirteen, she became interested in art. It takes her about one to three days to design these beautiful paintings. While speaking to her, I asked how she thought of creating these unique characters, and she said these painting were based of the gods, and goddesses. Her journey of creating the god and goddess all began in January.


#1 Senda, Mistress of the Sea                 #2 Angakok, The Two-Spirit Shaman

She is in love with all of paintings, but two favorites are numbers one and eight. Number one gives her a glimpse of how one spirit lives within you. She recently finished her eighth painting two weeks before she showed us and thats why she is in love with it. All of her painting are so powerful and have so much meaning to them. My favorite paintings are numbers three and four because of how loud the colors are and how they show so much meaning. These two painting are honestly the coolest piece of work I have ever laid my eyes on. Even though I do not know a lot about art, these painting show so much emotion that are indescribable.


#3 Sun Sister Malina,                         #4 Moon Brother Anningan

Jamie Strassenburg was inspired by an upper division class she took called Native American Art History Class that she took at Long Beach State. She has always been interested in mythical creatures and she even worked with a video game company, so making these digital paintings was the right thing to do.  In the future, she’s sees herself working with a video game company and hopes to sell her art on the side.

” The great peril of existence lies in the fact that our diet consists entirely of soul.”


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