Wk4-Student Interview- Jaclyn Fernandes


I had the pleasure of interviewing an amazing girl named Jaclyn Fernandes. She is a third year student at Cal State, Long Beach and her major is Sociology and she’s minoring in Minor Hospitality. Her dream is to become a flight attendant and wants to travel all over the world. She does not need to go to school to become a flight attendant, but she wants get her degree to fall back on. I did not really know what minor hospitality was, but after talking to her she said with that major she can become a tour guide, own restaurants, and etc and I thought that was pretty cool. She is twenty years old and is full Portuguese. Jaclyn wanted to go to San Diego State, but decided to go to Long Beach because if she left the house she would have to pay for her own tuition.

Jaclyn works for the city of Anaheim and she works with children, works at gyms, and she is a volleyball coach. She lives in Bellflower and commutes to school. The craziest thing happened when I was speaking to her, we found out that we both played volleyball and our schools were rivals. She went to St. Josephs and I went to Bishop Montgomery High School. We had the same position on the court which was a libero ( people who play back row on the court because we are short). I also found out that we have a lot of mutual friends. We have a lot in common and I also found out the she is in my Sociology 250 class and we are both the youngest of three.

While talking to Jaclyn, I asked her if art matters and she said yes, it absolutely does. She believes that art is in everything both physically and mentally. She says she sees art in every major, she sees art just reading a book, and she sees art in different people. Listening to what Jaclyn said about art made me realize that art is really everywhere, you just have to imagine and create it.


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