Wk5-Artist Conversations- Josh Benz


Walking into the gallery, I noticed such beautiful and unique art that I could not even explain. This one particular painting really caught my eye and I knew I had to see who this specific artist was. This painting showed so much emotion and I wanted to know the story behind it. So now,  I would like to introduce you to this wonderful artist, Josh Benz. He is a very talented young artist who displayed his painting in the Max L. Gatov Gallery East located at CSULB. His painting are so colorful and that is what I love about art.

Josh Benz’s amazing creations are all made by oil paint. He is very passionate and really enjoys colorful things. Asking John how he became interested in heart, he answered saying he was influenced by his grandparents. His grandmother was an oil painter and his grandfather enjoyed water painting as a hobby. He would always admire their unique artwork and thats how he decided to become an artist. Benz first went to an art college, then went to a community college, then after transferred to CSULB. He major is Drawing and Painting and one day he sees himself studying abroad and getting some internships in the art industry.

IMG_0771This painting is one of his most recent pieces and it took about three weeks to finish. While we was talking about his painting, he told us he was not the only person who did this piece. Josh Benz’s partner was named Karen Soils. He told us when they first started this painting, they had no idea what they wanted to do, so they just designed whatever they wanted. Karen started to paint a guy and girl cuddling up against each other, while Josh was drawing dragons and random things. He says she got very irritated with him because he was adding way to much unnecessary colors to the painting. When he was telling us this, we all started laughing and he says he can’t help it, I love colors. Both Josh and Karen have their own voice and you can clearly see that in this painting. Josh painted the two people on top of the paintings and he says that one is him and the other one is his alter-ego. When he said that, I was completely caught off guard because I was so amazed of how artists share their life stories and struggles in their painting. Josh also states that this painting is a transition from childhood to adulthood because it shows his up bringing journey from when he was a child to what his paintings are now.

Lastly, when asking John who and what inspired him, he says everything inspires him from music, to animations, to colors, and he says his grandparents especially. Josh Benz’s likes to add his own flavor to his paintings and he believes that is the most important thing to have to becoming an artist. He created another painting with another artist named Roddy Hernandez, but he did not really go into detail about it because he didn’t really do much of the painting and he enjoys the other one more. If I would to become an artist, I would want to be like Josh Benz because he draws whatever comes to mind and likes to tell his stories in his paintings.



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