Wk5- Classmate Interview- Geraldine Meono

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing a sweet girl named Geraldine Meono. She is a third year student at CSULB and majoring in Sociology. I asked her what she wanted to do with her major and she said she wants to work on the business side of Sociology. Geraldine is interested in marketing and she wants to work with people. She enjoys sociology because she loves working with people and loves to learn how peoples mind works.

While talking to Geraldine, I found out that she lives in the south bay like me. We only live fifteen minutes away from each other. She lives in San Pedro and went to San Pedro High. It is so cool meeting people who live around me because I rarely find people who do. I found out that she has an older brother and they are really close. I also found out that she is IN LOVE with Taylor Swift. Geraldine was a cheerleader when she was younger, and she was on the dance team in high school. She does not dance anymore because she wants to focus on school. Her second year of college, she joined a soroity called Sigma Kappa. She said it is such a good experience and she thinks everyone should join it. I found out that she is also in my Sociology 250 class. We never noticed each other in that class and it is so weird that we got the chance to interview each other.

Geraldine really enjoys art and believes that art is a way of showing peoples creativity. The question of the week was where do you swim in, and she responded saying in her sorority. She says in her sorority because she met so many people from being in it and it is a sisterhood. Her and her sisters all swim together. I really enjoyed interviewing Geraldine because she is such a sweet girl and I like how determined she whether if its school or even if its in her sorority.



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