Wk5-Actvity- Ethnography


Wow… this might be one of the hardest thing I have ever done. Today’s activity was based off of ethnography which means being observant. I took anthropology before and I really enjoyed it, but when I heard we were doing this project I was pretty nervous.

So when it hit seven, I completely put away all of my electronics. I decided to do my project at home because I feel liking is the easiest place to do it.  It was so hard for me because I love watching TV and I always use my phone. We could not use our phones or computers and so we basically just had to sit in the dark. I made my sister do it with me and she couldn’t even last thirty minutes. It was hard because while everyone else was using electricity, I was just sitting down and reading a book.  I did some of my school work by lighting some candles in my room. I usually listen to music while I do my homework, but I couldn’t even do that. When I finished my homework, I had nothing to do, so I decided to with my dog. I am not going to lie, but I love playing with my dog so it wasn’t so bad. After that, I sat with my family in the dark and it was actually pretty fun. It felt good to catch up with them with all of our busy schedules, and it felt good to talk to them without using my phone. All of a sudden, it hit ten-thirty and my eyes were slowly starting to shut. I usually sleep at two in the morning, but that night I slept at eleven-thirty.


This experience was harder than I thought. I was pretty bored through out the night, but I found a way to entertain myself whether it was playing with my dog, doing my homework, or even talking to my family. It sucks how now a days we all need electronics to have fun. It doesn’t mean I am going to give up all of my electronics, but at the same time this project showed me to limit myself. So for now on, I am going to try to give a night out of my week to not use any electricity.



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