Wk 6- Activity- Periscope

Wow, who knew periscoping could be so fun. This weeks activity was to periscope ourselves doing random things throughout they day. When I heard this was one of our activities, I was pretty excited because I wanted to see how periscope worked. Basically, periscoping is a live podcast that you go on, and people see what you do through out the day. For example, my teacher Glenn Zucman, has a periscope of his own and on Tuesdays, he periscopes the class. I think its really cool because if someone can not make it to class or is just to lazy to go to class, they can just go on his page and watch the whole lecture. His periscope is “glenn_irs” so go check it out.


This week we had the most famous and the most followed person on periscope present to our class named Bree Olson . She explained to us the ups and down of periscoping and how everything works. So I took all of her advice and decided to make my podcast. My first time periscoping was this previous Thursday at school. I did not really know how to work it, so some people in my art class had to show me. While I was figuring out how to work mine, my friend started to periscope herself and the different kinds of artwork we saw that day. Not to many people were watching her, so I was so nervous to go on and have nobody watching me. Finally, I turned mine on and in less than one minute, about thirty people were viewing my podcast. I was so confused because it was so weird how people can see my stuff even though the are not following me.


While periscoping at school, I met some new friends in our art class. It was so fun just looking at the broadcast and seeing what people had to say about you. I liked it so much that later that day, I periscoped my sister and I eating lunch at the nugget and again around thirty people were talking to us and watching my broadcast. At one point of my podcast, this girl recognized that my sister and I were at school, so she asked how we liked it because she was thinking about going to Long Beach State. We told her we loved and she said thank you so much and she also said we really helped her with her decision. It feels good to talk to people around the world and help them with advice they need. The next day, I periscoped myself at the mall shopping for clothes and it was really funny to see what people had to say. Overall, this activity was probably one of my favorite ones so far and now I can start going on periscope everyday and maybe I can be as famous as Bree Olson. By the way if anyone wants to follow me, I am on periscope at “serinakhoury.”



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