Wk6-Artist Conversation-Sery Kwon

Today, I had the pleasure of interview this amazing and bubbly girl named Sery Kwon. Her painting was presented in Max L. Gatov Gallery East at Cal State Long Beach. She first starting painting in middle school and she hasn’t stop ever since. Kwon grew up in Korea and decided to move to America at the age of fifteen because her family thought she would have better opportunities in the US rather than Korea. She also did not like how painting in Korea was more about being skill oriented, rather than being more focused on color.


After moving down from Korea, she moved to Downey and went to an all girls school in Anaheim. When she graduated high school, she decided to go to Cal State Long Beach to get her degree in art. As of now, Kwon is going to graduate this semester with her degree in Painting and Drawing (BFA). When walking into the gallery, I noticed these random colorful and overwhelming paintings that I have never seen before in person. I love colorful thing and looking at her paintings just showed how much she like colors too.

Kwon uses acrylics and rice paper for her paintings. Before she starts any of her paintings, she sits down and brain storms what she is going to draw on a piece of paper. She likes to look on google earth, and starts to create her own maps on different cities. The first painting she did was the LA map. This map really inspired her to create more exotic and colorful paintings and now all she does is painting different kinds of cities. When really observing the LA painting, I did not really understand it at first, but when I really took a hard look at it I noticed the traffic and how crazy LA was. Kwon states that she wants people to feel what she is feeling in her paintings. When she starts to paint, she either paints on the floors, or even the walls to help her creativity come out. She has another painting that she did which is the map of Dublin. Kwon states that she hates that painting because the colors are to dull. Lastly, the first painting she did was her all time favorite one, but she messed up so many times, so she called it the map of her mind.


Kwon says her biggest inspiration is color because she loves the saturation of it. Also, she says that Van Gogh inspired her in the beginning because of how thick his paintings were, and it made more of a layering than a flat painting. After she graduates, she sees herself becoming an art teacher and she wants to teach children her own knowledge of art. After asking Kwon the question of the day, she says that her favorite colors are coral and purple. Her first painting was her all time favorite one, but she messed up so many times, so she called it the map of her mind. Kwon really inspires me because of how much effort she puts into her paintings. I admire how she brainstorms and draws out ever painting before she starts because by doing that, you can tell how serious and how much she cares for her paintings. http://serykwon.weebly.com



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