Wk6- Classmate Conversation-Leslie Jovel

I would like to introduce you to my new friend Leslie Jovel.  She is currently a second year at Cal State Long Beach. Leslie was kind of shy when we first starting talking, but after getting to talk to her she became super outgoing. As on now, her major is physcology, but she isn’t sure what she wants to do with that yet.

Leslie lives literally right next to Long Beach State and use to go to Wilson High. When we talked more about school, she says if she doesn’t succeed in her major, she wants to become an interior designer/ decorator. Leslie currently does not have a job because she wants to focus on school. She does not have any siblings, but she has a lot of friends.

Leslie hobbies are relaxing, listening to music, going to art museums, and she loves going to aquariums. When I asked Leslie what her favorite colors were, she said burgundy and teal. She loves those colors because she says burgundy is such a soothing color and she likes how teal stands out. Leslie was a really nice a girl and hopefully we get to talk to each other some more. http://lesliejovel.wordpress.com



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