Wk 7-Activity-Snapchat

This weeks activity was to create different drawings and use our creativity on snapchat. I personally love snapchat, like love snapchat. It is the best and most popular social media sight out there. Snapchat is where you can take a picture or videos of yourself and send it to people. It gives your friends the oppurtunity to see videos and pictures, but only in a span of twenty four hours.


For my snapchat activity, I took a lot of pictures, but these were my two favorite ones. This fist picture was in my statistics class. I took a  picture of the class and started drawing the beach. I drew the beach because I was there practically everyday in the summer. I love the beach because it is so relaxing and I really miss the summer. Drawing the beach on snapchat was harder than I thought because right when you mess up, you can’t change it and you have to start all over. The second picture I created was a picture of my dog dressed up as a vampire. I drew a vampire because halloween is coming up and it would be the perfect costume for him. I love him so much and I wanted him to be included in my picture. Later that day, a lot of people snap chatted me individually and said they loved my drawings.


After designing my snapchat, the other part of the activity was to follow people from class and see what they did. These two pictures were the ones that caught my eye. This first picture really touched me becuase it looks like he drew a picture of him and his girlfriend. It seems as if he misses with his girlfriend. It is so simple, but it says so much. I like the second picture because she used emojis instead of drawing the art. I think that is so creative and would have never thought of doing that.

Instagram, snapchat, and periscope are almost all similar because they all have something to do with expressing your feelings. Instagram and snapchat are more alike because for both, you can post pictures and videos for your friends. Periscope is more of live stream and more of a broadcast. My favorite is snapchat because people can see your stuff in only a certain amount of time and I like how people don’t comment on your pictures. The one I like the least is periscope because I get nervous when people watch me when I am live. I sometimes freeze and do not no what say.


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