Wk 7-Classmate Conversation- Julia Clouse

This week I had the pleasure of meeting a girl name Julia Clouse. She is a second year at CSULB and is majoring in health care administration. I asked her what she wanted to do in the future and she says she wants to be a nurse. After talking to Julia, I got to know a lot about her.

Julia dormed last year, and now she commutes from North Hollywood. When she told me that, I looked at her and thought she was crazy. I still can’t believe she drives that far everyday to go to school, but I give her a lot of credit for that. She is originally from Sacramento and lives with her one and only sister. She says there is one thing that she misses the most from back home and that is her dog.

After asking her the question of the week, she says the hair color she would choose is silver because it isn’t super colorful and she thinks it would be so pretty. Also she said that she would choose pink because it would be so precious and she doesn’t want it to stand out. When she told me she would choose pink, I thought that was so funny because I chose light pink too. After talking to Julia, I realized that she is a really cool person and I am happy I interviewed her. http://juliaclouse.wordpress.com



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