Wk7-Artist Conversation- Jane Weibel

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing a very creative artist named Jane Weibel. Her art was presented in Max L. Gatov Gallery West at CSULB. Jane is thirty years old and lives in downtown Long Beach. At first, her major was to be a graphic designer, but she decided she couldn’t let go of the past, so she changed her major to ceramics. As a young child, Jane states that she has always been creative. She is currently a junior at Cal State, Long Beach and hopes to become the greatest ceramic artist she can be.


Janes art inspirations was surprisingly different than any of the artists that I have interviewed. When walking into the gallery, I noticed a reoccurring theme that was happening and I was curious to know why she did that. Her ceramic art work is based off her childhood memories. Some of her family members passed away from Alzheimers and her show salsify’s all of her childhood memories. With working with ceramics, she states that she is able to shape her art the way she wants. Her art is made with only ceramics, fiber, and twist ties. She worked in batches and it took her about two months to finish the entire show.


In Janes artwork, she displayed her own dresses to show that everything was from her own memory. I love how each piece represented something form her past memories. On one side of the gallery you see a house, then when you walk a little more and you see a park full of obstacles. There were swings, slides, laters, funky chairs, and more. After, walking around and looking at her work, it made me feel like a little girl again. I just wanted to run around the gallery and swing off the swing sets. Jane’s favorite piece was the yellow rope with loops coming down from it because it reminds her of an abstract piece. Her biggest inspiration was Jessica Stockholder, who was an American artist. She was her inspiration because she believes Jessica’s art shows are full of creativity and passion and thats how she likes to display her art.

IMG_0928 IMG_0935

After walking out of the gallery, I felt as if I knew her better as a person. I felt like she allowed me to step into her mind of memories and see how and what she has gone through as a child. When Jane says, the brain pulls from other experiences to form memories that aren’t complete, it really touched me. She wants her audience to gain reflect in their own memories. She wants us to find who we truly are and wants us to find our own identity. I really admire Jane’s work because she is an artists who likes to share her story, and I like how she allowed us to go into her mind so we can see what she sees.




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