Wk 8- Classmate Interview- Nele Barber

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing probably one of the tallest girls in my class named Nele Barber. She is a third year student at Cal State Long Beach and is currently majoring in film. Nele says she sees herself working in the media industry and wants to be involved in production. When I was talking to her, I noticed she had an accent, so I asked her where she was originally from and she said Germany.

Nele migrated to the United States about two years ago because she wanted a change in her life. She went to school in Wisconsin and after two years, she transferred to CSULB. I asked her why she wanted to move to California and she said because she wanted a change and she heard the weather was way better down here. When Nele applied to Long Beach State, she decided to email the head volleyball coach to see if she can try out for the team. After she tried came down here and tried out, she made the team and became the starting outside hitter. I asked if she liked her team and she said she loves them because not only does she plays with them, but she also has the opportunity to live with them. She has been playing volleyball since she was a little girl and she sees herself moving back to Europe after she graduates to play on a professional team. After asking her how many siblings she had, she stated that she has two real sisters, two half brothers, and two step siblings. Nele loves sleeping, eating, playing volleyball, watching movies, reading, and her favorite thing of all is hanging out and relaxing with her friends.

After talking to Nele, I felt as if I could relate to her somehow because we both love to play volleyball and we have a lot of the same interests. I give her so much props for leaving her family and friends to come to the Untied States alone because if that was me, I would be to chicken to do it. The question of the day states, how does the gallery relate to your personal experiences and she says it really doesn’t. She believes each gallery has it’s own story to tell and it awakens memories. Nele is the sweetest and bravest girl, and I really enjoyed getting to meet and talk to her. https://nelebarber.wordpress.com



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