Wk 9- Classmate Conversation- Maddie Perez

This week I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing girl named Maddie Perez. She is currently a sophomore (like me) at CSULB, and is majoring in hospitality management. Right off the bat, I can tell she had a bubbly personality and I can also tell that she is a people person. When asking her what she wanted to do with her major, she said she wanted become an event planner. I thought that was so cool because with her personality, that job would be absolutely perfect for her.

Maddie lives in Whittier which is only fifteen minutes away, so she commutes to school. Her hobbies are hanging out with her grandma, going to Disneyland, and her favorite one of all is hanging out with her boyfriend. She currently works at an Italian restaurant right by her house, and she loves working there. She is the youngest of three siblings (just like me)  and she loves to be around them. Maddie is half Mexican and half Germany, but she thinks its weird because she loves Greek food.

Asking Maddie the question of the week, she says her favorite art work she has seen at the CSULB galleries is the childhood one because she believe that everything the artist did was so nostalgic from her story to her objects. She believes that art is not only about drawings and creations, but it can also be a form of ballet. Maddie loves watching ballet and loves how it reminds her so much of art. http://madsmariees.wordpress.com



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