Wk 9- Activity- Transmedia Story Telling

Character Analysis

Genine Johnson is a 21 year old girl who loves dogs. She loves dogs no matter what kind they are, so she decided take on dog walking as a profession. She walks them, cleans them, feeds them, and etc. In her spare time she hangs out with her boyfriend named Chris Sanslope. She absolutely adores him, but sometimes he gets on her last nerve. With both of there busy schedules, they only see each other three times a week. He was a very successful business man who  took pictures of different foods he tried around the world, and posted it on social media. Chris is really devoted to his work and doesn’t want any distractions to go along with it, but he absolutely loves Genine, so he doesn’t know how to resolve there issues.  Genine loves Chris, but she doesn’t know if she can be with him anymore. On the other hand, Genine has another guy named Charles Lashcer who is madly in love with her. He absolutely hates Chris and wants to steal his identity. Although Charles does so much for Genine, her heart is still with Chris. What will happen next….

IMG_1108 IMG_1109

Our Story

Chris Sanslope grew up in the Los Angeles area. He is a natural foodie, and his job is to try new places around Los Angeles and promote them on social media such as Instagram and Snapchat. He’s had this job for 3 years now and loves it. His hours are flexible and he gets to try something knew all the time. Chris spends his day going to new restaurants, finding the best restaurants in LA, and at night, he writes about them and publishes his articles in various magazines, blogs, and newspapers. Chris has to mix up 2 of the 3 meals on a given day, and add a snack/drink. For example, one day Chris would go out for breakfast, dinner, and then go to a bar. He would then post what he ate on his social media accounts, and then at night he will go home and write about the restaurants and food he tried. The only downside is that his meals aren’t paid for, he has to pay for them with his own money. Charles has hated Chris ever since he and Genine have been dating. And on top of that, Charles wants Chris’s job too.

Chris Sanslope

Chris has been with Genine for 2 years. He loves Genine and is very happy with her. She dog walks, so her hours are also flexible. In the beginning of their relationship, Chris and Genine were happy together. He spoiled her with a lot of gifts, they have a loving passion and are inseparable. As time went on, Chris was focusing more on his job than he was to Genine. She did not like that. He hasn’t even taken her with him to restaurants because he doesn’t want to get distracted by her. Genine told Chris that he hasn’t bought her anything and hasn’t taken her out in a really long time. His excuse is he keeps spending money for his job. Charles has been obsessed with Genine for the longest time. Even though she’s with Chris, he buys her expensive clothes, and jewelry; he wants to buy her love.

Genine is considering breaking up with Chris. She doesn’t like being ignored and wants attention from the love of her life. It will break her heart if she breaks up with him, but she has no other choice. She’s been thinking of Charles. She thinks he’s sweet but he’s not her type. Genine likes when Charles gives her all these nice gifts; at least someone pays attention to her. When she tells Chris the news, he promises he’ll change. He told her that he loves her and will work harder to restore their relationship. Genine was hesitant about it, but decided to give him one more chance. Now, when Genine isn’t walking dogs, Chris takes her with him to try new places. To help with his costs, she pays for the meals sometimes. They found balance in their relationship and are happy once again. Charles is not happy, but he realized that he needs to move on, because there are other fish in the sea.

I did this activity with Albert and Jackie from our class. We met up with each other and started to right a story. At first, our story was going to be about super heroes and how each one of them had a super power, but we decided to change it. We created both a snapchat and Instagram account for our characters, and it was funny to see random people would be following us. This project wasn’t my favorite because it was hard to make things up on the spot, and its hard to think of an idea that everyone would like. Overall, I can say this experience was completely different than I expected, and it was cool to have a different identity than my own.



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