Wk 11- Artist Interview- Kathy Yoon

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing a very creative girl named Kathy Yoon. She is currently in her last year at California State University Long Beach with her major in BFA. It took her about a year to get the whole show put together because she had to think of what she wanted to do . Walking into the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery, I was kind of freaked out because of what I saw. So I decided to choose her gallery to see what and why she did what she did.


Kathy has always been interested in art ever since she was a little girl, but started pursing it about five years ago. At first, her major was math at Cypress College, but she absolutely hated it. So she decided to switch her major to art. She loves every kind of art and decided to work with ceramics. Each piece of art took about 2-3 weeks to start and finish. They were all built in coil long strips of clay and ceramics. After Long Beach, she wants to give her work to different studios so they can present her work.


The work is all about characters that represents herself whether if she was sad, happy, mad and etc. After explaining what and why she did that, it completely makes sense. The colors in her show art to highlight the pieces and not ruin the form. The objects that are put on the clay are all hand sewed and designed by herself. She loves all of the work she has done, but her favorite is the character with the balloon because she thinks it looks cool.


Kathy says she has one inspiration only, and it is herself. Overall, I think her work was the most suprising art I have ever seen, but in a good way. She states that her art was more like a coping mechanism because it represents the struggles of her past life. When she is working on her characters and when she finishes, she feels a great sign of relief that she can’t even explain. I really liked her work, and I wish her the best for the future.



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