Wk 11- Classmate Activity- Matt Carder

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing a really cool guy named Matt Carder. He is a third year at California State University Long Beach and is majoring in mechanical engineering. With his major, he eventually wants to work at Northrop or whatever has to do with aerospace. He originally lives in Mojave California, but as of now he lives about five minutes away from school with his roommate.

Matt currently works at in-n-out. Obviously when he told me that I got so jealous because I love love love in-n-out. Fun fact about him is that he hasn’t drank soda since he was in 5th grade. I thought that was so cool because I could never give up soda. He absolutely loves out door activities such as football, hiking, and kayaking. Matt has two dogs that he loves and misses.

The question of the week was to ask our classmate if they think tattoo is real art. Matt says he thinks it is real art because he believes anything you draw is art and I agree with him, but he said he would never get a tattoo. I am happy I got the opportunity to interview Matt and I wish him nothing but the best for the future.



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