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Wk 12- Artist Conversation- Christopher Michael Linquata

Before I start my blog, I would just like to say that Christopher Linquata was hands down the most amazing artist I have ever seen in my life. He is at his last semester at California State University, Long Beach and is majoring in The Master of Fine Arts. Prior to starting Long Beach, he lived in Las Vegas for six months and worked in the Caesar’s Palace hotel painting murals, but left to get his education in art. Walking into Maxine L. Gatov Gallery West, I couldn’t believe what I saw. His art was so breathtaking and I couldn’t wait to interview him. His art was exactly what I have been waiting for.  This was his last show and it took almost 10 months to finish all of his paintings.


First off, he is originally from Greece and moved down to the United States about three years ago with his wife. When living in Greece, his form of art is different then what it is now. He was more of a religious painter, but now his work is more of real life and current. Christopher is very into his religion, which is Greek Orthodox, and tries to incorporate that into his paintings. When he told us he was Greek Orthodox, I immediately stopped him and told him my religion was also Orthodox. His figurative paintings are told through Greek Orthodox myths, but instead of using random characters, he chose to incorporate his family and friends into his work, so he can be more connected to his work. Some of the characters are portrayed to be saints of the Orthodox religion.


The figurative painter usually does all of his work at Sunken City, an old city that is now ruins in San Pedro, California. Sitting in-front of the ocean inspires him because he believes is the perfect place to relax and clear his mind. All of his painting are shown to have a specific ocean theme that represents his religious background, including his family and friends. Christopher uses imagination, memory, and references from his drawing to create his paintings. He prefers to work with acrylic because it dries quicker than oil. He loves all his painting, but his favorite is the one he refers to as the yellow painting. This painting represents the epic battle of Hercules and his Son. In this painting, Christopher plays the roll of Hercules, and his friend plays the roll of his son who is supposed to be killing his own father.

Favorite painting

Christopher Linquata’s inspirations are nature, Renaissance, and Byzantine paintings. He also enjoys Piero Della Francesca because of his style. After he graduates, he wants to make more art and sell it, but he said realistically he wants to be an art teacher. His wife and child always inspire him to create knew and inspirational things. His wife is also studying art and is majoring in ceramics. Overall, I honestly really enjoyed learning about his work. I think he should be way more confident in his work and should start creating knew things and sell them. I have been to so many museums and galleries, but when I look at his work I just become speechless. I would love to by his work when I get have my own place and I hope he never stops painting. I wish him nothing but the best for the future and I can’t wait to see his name in a museum one day. Follow him on Instagram @icon5350!!!



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