wk 15-Artist Conversation-Makaila Palmer

This week I had the pleasure of meeting this amazing women named Makaila Palmer. She is majoring in BFA and is a 6 year student at California State University Long Beach. She realized she wanted to become an artist at the age of 6. She has always has been interested in nature and so the first thing she ever drew was a flower. Walking into the both Gatov East and West her artwork caught my eye.


When Makaila hit her second year at CSULB she decided she wanted to go abroad to Italy. She says it was the best experience she has ever had because it made her realize that art was what she wanted to do. She went to Italy just to see Michael Angel0’s work and to get some ideas from him. When she got back from Italy, she figured out what she wanted to do for her show. She decided to she wanted to share her journey of her life through her paintings. Her paintings are called dawn, day, dusk, and she is in the process of painting night. Each of her paintings tell a story about her life.

“Dawn” was the first painting she did and was about adolescences. She was trying to figure what she wanted to do with her life and it takes place during her adolescence years and shows a very beautiful path. “Day” is a description of her college experience around the age of 18-19 years old who is trying to figure out what she wanted to do with her life. She figured out the person she wanted to be, but the background of the picture is washy because she does not know what to do with her life. The last picture she showed “dusk” represents the end of her college experience. She got to the top of the mountain and says, “now what.” The next painting “night” is what she is working on now it is suppose to be the final piece which portrays her reflection and how she becomes her own figure.

Makaila’s inspiration is color because it gives her an idea of psychological world. I really liked how she shared her  journey with us throughout her life. As I say in each and every one of my blogs, I love when the artists tell a story about there life. It makes their art so much more meaningful. I really enjoyed interviewing her because she has such a bubbly personality and I can tell that she really enjoys what she does. I wish nothing but the best for the future and hope to see her painting in a museum one day.

DAWN                                DUSK                                    DAWN



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